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Page 38 of 89 37 Which dish do you recommend to first-time visitors? Our Prestige Farms Sicilian chicken cacciatore. is is a true signature for our chef, Alex Piatt. He only prepares a certain number each evening, essentially braising a half chicken with tomatoes, fresh herbs, olives and cremini mushrooms, then finishing it in our wood stone pizza oven over mascarpone polenta. It's amazing. How does the season impact your menu? Being an Italian concept based on Tuscan cuisine, we change our menus every season. We have a great partnership with Wild Hope Farms out of Chester, South Carolina, and we literally just wait and see what they drop off every week so we can create some truly seasonal features for our guests. Italy is all about the seasons of life, gathering around a table and celebrating that, and that is what we try to capture every day at Aria. Describe Aria's aesthetic. We are based on simplicity—from the back of the house and our menu to the front of the house and its design. In the front of the house we love clean, modern lines. ere's a classic sexiness to that, and it feeds the flow of the restaurant. With our menus, we strive for clean, simple flavors—true flavors from the season with a modern twist. Which dish do you recommend to first-time visitors—and what would you pair it with? We do a lot of small-plate items that are shareable, but one of the things people love is our classic lobster roll. We bring in live lobster from New England almost daily, and we bring them down for this one dish. I'd pair it with a Melting NY Sour, which comes with a claret cube that changes the cocktail as it melts. It's a lot of fun. Describe Sea Level NC's aesthetic. We're named aer a little dot on the map—Sea Level, North Carolina—which is where our house oyster is grown. So although our aesthetic is metropolitan, we also subtly celebrate where we're from with our colors, pictures and some soer nuances. What do you love about your location? Uptown is just super vibrant right now. We have a lot of corporate parties, and we bring in great traffic from shows, games, events and concerts. We're always on our toes—it's exciting to be part of it all and enjoy the vibe of a busy restaurant. What's your current favorite catch? We're bringing in a lot of red snapper from the North Carolina coast. It's just a beautiful, delicate fish, and we make a great ceviche with it. ARIA TUSCAN GRILL Briana Cohen, General Manager and Wine Director SEA LEVEL NC Paul Manley, Owner

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